Precision processing technology cultivated in VCRs

 Household VCRs, which gather the best of the Japanese art of “KARAKURI” – traditional automation mechanism – have made the technology of Japan known to the world and laid the foundation for Japanese manufacturing. And during its heyday, more than 70 million VCRs were made annually worldwide.

TENKING had been making the head drum – the heart of recording and playback – since its birth. For that purpose, machining accuracy was required to manage the accuracy of hundreds of thousands of parts mass-produced each month on the order of microns. It was an amazing machining accuracy at that time.

In order to maintain that level of accuracy, the temperature in the entire factory floor was tightly controlled to minimize variations in product dimensions caused by environmental changes. This allowed us to overcome the conflicting requirements of mass production and high-precision.

This idea has been handed down to TENKING (THAILAND). We have been controlling the temperature of the entire precision processing site since our company’s establishment in 1996, and we are still mass-producing micron-order products.


  • Process of cutting aluminum to create a high quality external surface

    By increasing the quality of external aluminum surface through our cutting process, we can increase the overall quality of the product. Through TENKING (THAILAND)’s aluminum cutting process, we can maintain a high surface quality of the aluminum, creating a product devoid of surface scratches without increasing the cost.

    • Aluminum products

    • Iron products

    • Magnesium products

  • Electrical product assembly

    At the factory where we had assembled the video unit, we are now assembling Home electric appliances.

    • LED flash light

What's New

About the process of cutting aluminum to create a high quality external surface. See More



「Macro Vision, Micro View」

    This is an age of uncertainly. In such an era, it is imperative that we chart our future by ourselves.
    Determine the course with good judgment, open up our future with unique technological capabilities, build a solid foundation through management competencies, and expand the possibilities with a rich imagination.
    In any of these situations, we need to analyze vast amounts of information with a broad perspective, and to discover insight into the nature of things in a subtle yet penetrating perspective.
    A Macro Vision, and a Micro View. I strongly believe that these are the most important things. With our motto of "Macro Vision, Micro View", TENKING will continue to advance towards the future, as the technological group that is sensitive to the needs of these times, responding to them and taking on these new challenges.

Representative Director / President Akihiro KANABOSHI


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